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Senior Security Researcher

/ Tel Aviv

What We’re About
We’re an experienced and diverse team focused on solving one of the biggest challenges CIOs and CISOs have - allowing development teams to move fast without compromising on security controls and risk management. we’re looking for strong and fun people to join us and take a significant part in shaping our technology, product, and culture.

What You’re About
You have at least five years of experience in a similar role, covering multiple realms within the security industry and you have a Bsc. / Msc. / PhD degree with academic research background and experience.
You are experienced in producing professional content and presenting it through diverse channels (research documentation, blogs, webinars, conferences, and more).

You have a hands-on ability to develop POC’s based on research findings using different programming frameworks while working closely with development teams. You are an autodidact, team player, a curious and fast learner who is able to work independently in a less structured type of environment, with minimal supervision, and with great English proficiency.

You are experienced in leading a team of researchers and building research infrastructures while having a strong presence in social media (such as Twitter and Linkedin) and professional forums.

You have Startup experience, strong software engineering skills and background, and a deep understanding of both, technical and marketing aspects as well as business landscape.

What You Will Do
You will be researching industry-related topics to identify relevant trends, methods, and tools, run POC’s and come up with recommended implementations that will enhance our technology, product, and business.

You will support the development of solutions that are in alignment with the business and technical goals, research specific cases within our unique patent-pending technology to enhance our product’s capabilities and value. You will also build, review, and maintain the research technical documentation.

Creating professional content is part of your role, as well as advocating and presenting our product, research results, and insights within the industry’s ecosystem. This will enhance our brand and product awareness, and support our thought leadership positioning (blog posts, webinars, social media, conferences, and more).
Being a source of technology innovation - is what you are all about!


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