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Apiiro CI/CD Security | Apiiro

Apiiro CI/CD Security

Get visibility, provenance and integrity across your pipelines, identify abnormal behavior, permissions misuse and contextually prevent build-time code injection attacks.

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Why Apiiro CI/CD Security?


Map Your Applications Paths To Production

Apiiro empowers you to gain complete visibility from design to code to runtime. Map and visualize the lifecycle of every feature in your application throughout the Software Development Life Cycle and connect the dots from user story in the ticketing system, to commit, branch and repository, CI/CD pipeline, Artifacts to Runtime.


SCM and CI/CD Attack Surface Analysis

Contextually connect all application components, developer identities and CI/CD pipelines on a single Risk Graph to map the attack surface, and define governance rules to prevent compromised developer identify, missing AppSec tools scans, build time code injection, permissions misuse and vulnerable open source packages.


Risk Assessment and Guardrails on Every Commit or Build

Create contextual guardrails and automatically trigger when to pass or fail a build to get contextual integrity checks and protect your CI/CD pipeline from releasing new risks into production. Stop manual reviews before release to the cloud and give back your AppSec team more time to focus on solving risks with high business impact.

Key use cases


Detect Abnormal Commits

Apiiro continuously scans every commit and alerts of any abnormal developer behavior. This is done via our Risk Graph, which not only constantly scans the code and text using AI and NLP, but also does a complete behavioral analysis on all contributors (e.g. devs, product managers) for additional insight into what’s considered “normal” and triggers contextual threat models before coding.

Prevent Code Injection

With a deep understanding of the source code, Apiiro is able to determine whether or not it matches the relevant binary file to provide end-to-end validation and verification that no untrusted code is injected into your application before releasing to customers.

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Samir Sherif

“Apiiro introduces a revolutionary and systemic approach to governance through code that does not exist in the market today. This innovation will be critical to enable DevOps culture transformation across all industries.”

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Press Release

Apiiro can now connect application risks in runtime back to the source code to proactively fix critical risks and reduce the remediation time by 90%.

Blog post

We need to take a new, risk-based approach to change management for the SDLC – and it needs to span from Design to Code to Cloud.

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Build an accurate application inventory, map the application attack surface and assess risks