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Apiiro Control Plane (ASOC)

Orchestrate, aggregate, prioritize and contextually fix risks across the Software Supply Chain that was identified by Apiiro, 3rd party security tools or AppSec processes. This is done by de-duplicating alerts, tying every risk to code owner, and triggering remediation workflows with the context from the Apiiro Risk Graph.

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Why Apiiro Control Plane?


Unified Software Supply Chain Risk View

Get a unified view, trends and projections on all types of risks in your SDLC and Software Supply Chain across tools and processes on every repository, pipeline, application, and team member. Strengthen your ability to measure your AppSec program against industry-standard benchmarks such as SAMM, ASVS and BSIMM.


Communication and Collaboration

Empower security, development and risk management teams to share data in one platform to accelerate secure software delivery to the cloud. Integrate with all existing tools and share context with the relevant persona in their own toolchain (IDE, Pull Request, CI/CD Pipelines, Ticketing systems, Risk Management Systems, SOAR and SIEM).


Contextual Remediation Workflows

Scale your Application Security team by defining remediation workflows that eliminate risks earlier in the Software Development Life Cycle. Apiiro empowers you to minimize DevSecOps backlog by unifying visibility and automating remediation in one platform instead of relying on a combination of siloed tools without context.

Key use cases


Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Apiiro Control Plane can ingest alerts from any 3rd party security tool or AppSec process and enrich it with risk-based context to help developers and security teams expedite and automate the remediation process. Apiiro will help your teams reduce the time they spend on false positives across your SDLC and focus them on risks with real business impact.

Measure Tools Coverage

Automatically measure the coverage of your AppSec tools and processes across every repository, microservice and application. Set up KPIs to measure performance of your AppSec program.

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David Coursey
AppSec Lead

“Apiiro is the most intelligent tool I’ve ever seen. I love the knowledge it brings to the surface that would have taken me many hours of manual hunting. Security decisions feel so clear when you can see every layer of an application.”

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Press Release

Apiiro can now connect application risks in runtime back to the source code to proactively fix critical risks and reduce the remediation time by 90%.

Blog post

We need to take a new, risk-based approach to change management for the SDLC – and it needs to span from Design to Code to Cloud.

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Build an accurate application inventory, map the application attack surface and assess risks