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Apiiro Risk Assessment (ASPM) | Apiiro

Apiiro Risk Assessment (ASPM)

Build an accurate application inventory (SBOM), map the application attack surface and assess risks across each step in your Software Supply Chain to automate risk assessment questionnaires and threat models and prevent attacks.

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Why Apiiro Risk Assessment?


Automated Application Inventory (SBOM)

Apiiro AI-driven code, binary and text analysis engine automatically and continuously discovers every API, microservice, dependency, sensitive data (PII, PHI and PCI) in your codebases, and artifacts across your CI/CD pipelines, to map and visualize the application attack surface.


Contextual Multi-Dimensional Risk Assessment

Apiiro creates a contextual Risk Graph that assess risk in a multi-dimensional way across code, sensitive data, artifacts, CI/CD pipelines, alerts from 3rd party tools, cloud infrastructure, developer behavior and business impact. This, in turn, enables continuous and frictionless remediation of cloud application risks.


Contextual Application Risk Prioritization

Apiiro maps code risks to runtime to generate actionable context so AppSec teams can automatically orchestrate and prioritize risks such as: design flaws, code secrets, IaC misconfigurations, exploitable APIs, OSS  vulnerabilities, PII exposure and architecture drifts across the software supply chain.

Key use cases


Automate Application Attack Surface Analysis and Threat Model

Map and visualize your application attack surface automatically and continuously for all code changes, across every API, microservice, container, PII, and security controls. Apiiro also provides automated Secure by Design (SbD) by identifying and prioritizing user stories (i.e. feature requests) and triggering contextual threat models before coding.

Automate Application Risk Assessment Questionnaires

Eliminate your manual application risk assessment questionnaires. Get accurate and up to answers with automated assurance and attestation for every code change to accelerate secure software delivery to the cloud.

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David Coursey
AppSec Lead

“Apiiro is the most intelligent tool I’ve ever seen. I love the knowledge it brings to the surface that would have taken me many hours of manual hunting. Security decisions feel so clear when you can see every layer of an application.”

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Blog post

We need to take a new, risk-based approach to change management for the SDLC – and it needs to span from Design to Code to Cloud.

Blog post

To provide true risk visibility to you and your customers, ensure that your SBOM extends across all application components, sensitive data, open source software, and infrastructure components, because these days everything is code!

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Build an accurate application inventory, map the application attack surface and assess risks