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Apiiro Secrets | Apiiro

Apiiro Secrets

Identify, validate, prioritize and contextually remediate any type of secret across the software supply chain. From source code to runtime.

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Why Apiiro Secrets?


Contextual Secrets Identification

Apiiro algorithms detects any type of secret (random entropy, patterned crypto keys and user passwords). With the help of AI, Apiiro leverages a deep understanding of the code and application attack surface to assess the risk of each secret in order to lower false positives.


Prioritization Based on Risk

With the Apiiro Risk Graph, you can easily query and prioritize secrets in all repositories across the entire history and correlate the results with multiple risk factors such us secrets are valid in production, application is high business impact and contains sensitive data in a storage buckets.


Guardrails Implementation

Our workflow engine enable you to set up actions at the commit (send a message via the relevant channel or open a ticket and assign the relevant developer) or at a Pull Request (block the developer from merging code or comment and provide a remediation action as well as assign a security champion).

Key use cases


Secrets in Code Validation

Siloed secrets scanning tools will bombard you with contextless alerts. With the Apiiro Risk Graph you can automatically check if the secret is valid in production and correlate it with other risk factors to trigger a contextual remediation action to the code owner.

Block at the Pull Request

Stop hard-coded secrets, user passwords, API keys, and private keys before they reach production with Apiiro’s remediation workflows at the Commit or Pull Request.

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Maor Saubron
Director of Cybersecurity

“We connected Apiiro in minutes to our SCMs. We were able to identify the critical risks in minutes across application, OSS, and IaC before deploying to production, and shifting-left the remediation to our developers with all the context.”

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Research report

Apiiro’s security research team, together with 15 industry experts, collaborated to deliver the industry’s first contextual secrets research in private repositories revealing the critical business impact of secrets in code.


Watch as four software security experts discuss secrets identification and prioritization, their potential impact, how to define responsibilities and remediation best practices.

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Build an accurate application inventory, map the application attack surface and assess risks