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Penetration Testing

Imagine If…

Your pen tests were performed at exactly the right moment based on the risk to your organization? And your pen testers were given the information they need to focus their efforts on the application areas that have the highest potential business impact?

With Apiiro, you can…

Understand which changes (from new code to production API Gateway settings) may present a risk to your business. Instead of burdensome scoping processes and developer interviews, Apiiro automatically triggers penetration tests based on risky changes to your applications and their underlying infrastructure. Apiiro will:

  • Contextually and automatically trigger the pen testing process
  • Build a prioritized target list for Pen Testers, based on risky material application changes
  • Help Pen Testers track open findings that affect the risk of an application

Consider an API change that exposes Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) to the Internet through an API Gateway that lacks appropriate authorization controls? Apiiro will provide your pen testers with the information they need to surgically focus their testing. They will identify more issues and save time by not focusing on unimportant changes.

The Challenges with Today’s Penetration Tests

Pen tests are one of the most stubbornly manual processes in cybersecurity. They are typically performed with new product or version releases or on a set schedule (e.g., every six months). Scoping exercises often involve rounds of meetings, questionnaires, and the involvement of multiple teams, from development to DevOps. 

Penetration tests are too often unfocused and performed periodically rather than targeted at specific weaknesses in your application. If a change is made to an application or its infrastructure that presents a risk to the business, that change may not be subject to a pen test until the next scheduled release.

In addition, these tests are often “black box” with the tester receiving little to no information on the environment being tested in order to simulate the perspective of an external attacker. This results in:

  • Wasted time as Pen Testers investigate unimportant changes
  • Missed vulnerabilities and risks due to lack of focused testing
  • Vulnerabilities in production systems that are not caught until the next scheduled pen test

The Bottom Line:

Unfocused penetration tests are a thing of the past! Concentrating your pen testers on the right things – while giving them needed information on the attack surface – will make the most of their expertise and give you more successful results.

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Manual questionnaires Automatically
Focus Level Unfocused Highly-focused

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