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Measurement & Reporting

Imagine If…

You had a single place to measure the success of your Application Security & Risk program?

With Apiiro, you can…

Track key risk metrics across all of your applications in order to build and measure a results-based AppSec program. Apiiro’s Application Security Monitoring will:

  • Continuously measure your risk across all of your applications and Infra-as-Code in a single place
  • Measure risk directly by analyzing code instead of relying on human processes, surveys, and self-attestation
  • Automatically update your scores and metrics after every change
  • Measure risk from Design to Code to Cloud
  • Provide detailed and business-level reporting tailored to both your security practitioners and executives

Application Security is tactical. Application Risk is strategic. Apiiro helps you measure, understand, and report on the business risk of your applications.

The Challenges with Today’s Application Security Monitoring and Reporting

You cannot build an effective application security program without measuring your results! But today’s AppSec reporting is split across multiple tools and focuses on vulnerabilities without context instead of business risk. This leads to:

  • An inability to measure the success of your AppSec program
  • Time wasted and increased risk by remediating the wrong vulnerabilities and weaknesses

The Bottom Line:

Measure what matters with risk-focused workflows and reporting.

Take Action

Learn more about how risk-based metrics and reporting can help you make the most of your AppSec program.: Book a demo today!