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Security Code Reviews

Imagine If…

You could perform Security Code Reviews exactly when they are needed and have the full context needed to understand the risk to your organization?

With Apiiro, you can…

Contextually trigger Security Code Reviews based on material changes to your applications and Infra-as-Code. Consider user secrets and API keys that are embedded in a new code commit. Understanding the risk of the change requires an understanding of the environment beyond looking at the code itself. For example, what if an API writes PII to an internet-facing storage bucket that is misconfigured and not protected by the firewall? Your Security Code Reviews need to go beyond the code itself to understand the multiple factors that may impact the risk to your business. Our platform will:

  • Ensure that the reviewers have the context they need – from code to cloud – to better identify and remediate the risks to your business.
  • Assign the relevant Security Architects, Developers, Security Champions, and other key stakeholders

The Challenges with Today’s Security Code Reviews

In a DevOps world where you commit code and deploy multiple changes a day, ad-hoc and periodic code reviews are no longer sufficient. Large-scale code review projects:

  • Are inefficient and waste significant development time
  • Focus on the wrong things, often missing changes that introduce risk

The Bottom Line:

Security code reviews need to be laser-focused. Apiiro automatically and contextually triggers code reviews before CI/CD when there are risky material changes, improving efficiency while giving you better results.

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Manual questionnaires Automatically
Focus Level Unfocused Highly-focused

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