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Infra-as-Code Misconfigurations

Imagine If…

You could detect and remediate infrastructure risks at the pull request. 

With Apiiro, you can…

Gain full visibility, context, and control over your Infrastructure as Code risks. Apiiro combines detection and remediation of infrastructure and application risks by analyzing context across the SDLC. Apiiro performs automatic and continuous analysis of Terraform code early in the development branch or the pull request to identify misconfigurations and other risks. For example:

  • An API that links directly/indirectly to a storage bucket + a change in the storage bucket policy
  • An IAM policy in Terraform modules linked to High Business Impact applications
  • An application that holds PII in a Data Model + Network policy was significantly changed

The Challenges with Today’s Infrastructure as Code Security Solutions

Everything is now code! Specifically in cloud environments, managing hundreds to tens of thousands of cloud resources with a graphical UI can be an exhausting task – or even practically impossible at scale!

By leveraging the Terraform approach to describe cloud resources as Code, we can deploy and manage those resources quickly and efficiently.  Unfortunately, today’s Infrastructure as Code security solutions focus on the code without context, leading to:

  • Missed Infrastructure risks
  • Wasted time investigating alerts that present no risk to your business

The Bottom Line:

Gain visibility and control over your Infrastructure as Code risks!

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Manual questionnaires Automatically
Accuracy Based on self-attestation Code-based

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