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Risk-Based Gates and Guardrails

Imagine If…

You could automate your AppSec Gates and Guardrails with a risk-based approach

With Apiiro, you can…

Apiiro uses multidimensional context to trigger gates and guardrails only when they’re needed. Use Apiiro Automatic risk assessment to identify code changes that should go through a security/compliance review and only then trigger *AST tools to supplement the big picture

The Challenges with Today’s Security Gates and Guardrails

Application security gates and guardrails are essential tools but slow down development when they are performed unnecessarily. *AST tools are running for every build/code change, and sometimes they are not needed and waste the time, as no significant change impacted the product risk.

The Bottom Line:

Get rid of your “check box” processes! Perform your security gates and guardrail processes only when they’re needed!


Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Manual questionnaires Automatically
Accuracy Based on self-attestation Code-based

Take Action

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