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Risk Remediation Work Plan

Imagine If…

You had a unified, risk remediation plan to view and manage all application risks in one place.

With Apiiro, you can…

Leverage a single pane of glass to view a prioritized list of your risks from across the SDLC. Apiiro takes an entirely new approach to analyze and correlate data from design to code to cloud to move beyond Application Security and give you insights into Multidimensional Application Risk. Apiiro’s Risk Remediation Work Plan:

  • Deeply understands code with context to identify risks that existing AppSec tools do not
  • Analyzes data from Design to Code to Cloud
  • Prioritizes and enriches alerts from third-party tools (e.g., SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA and API Gateways)
  • Allows you to take the appropriate remediation actions directly, such as triggering SSDLC processes, creating tickets in Jira, or sending Slack messages

Apiiro brings together your AppSec tools and processes into a single, prioritized work plan to help you make more contextual – and better – decisions.

The Challenges with Today’s Application Risk Remediation

There are many types of AppSec tools, from SAST to SCA, with each having its own strengths, weaknesses, and dashboards that AppSec Engineers need to view, prioritize, and investigate alerts. AppSec and DevSecOps Orchestration tools capture alerts and put them in a single place – but do not add value beyond that because they don’t understand code! Ineffective Vulnerability Management leads to:

  • Wasted time as users have to switch between dashboards in multiple AppSec tools
  • Missed risks because information is not correlated from across the SDLC
  • Financial losses, impact on brand and reputation, and legal exposures

The Bottom Line:

Apiiro provides you with a single place to view and manage all risks, from Design to Code to Cloud.

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Limited vulnerability scans Comprehensive cross-SDLC analysis
Location Scattered Single pane-of-glass
Prioritization Vulnerability-based Risk-based

Take Action

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