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Security Champion Identification

Imagine If…

You could automatically identify your Security Champions and enable them to have a measurable impact on the success of your Application Security program.

With Apiiro, you can…

Identify and support your Security Champions:

  • Automatically identify and highlight developers with extensive security knowledge
  • Identify security expertise by looking directly at code commits
  • Facilitate relevant training tailored to each individual
  • Trigger contextual security reviews by your Security Champions


Apiiro can help identify which developers are working with PII, modifying sensitive APIs, using authentication and authorization controls, etc. Apiiro will also look at past commits to see which developers are prone to writing and committing code with security weaknesses and which are not.

In order to be effective, Security Champions need to have visibility into risk and know where to focus their attention. Security knowledge used haphazardly is inefficient and a waste of time and expertise. Apiiro can ensure that your Security Champions have deep visibility into the risks of their applications. This doesn’t mean to only provide them with scan results from SAST, SCA, and other tools, but to give them insights to understand the true risk of their applications.

In addition to giving your security experts visibility into risk, Apiiro can help them prioritize those risks by giving them access to the relevant context. Looking only at code is not enough because risk is multidimensional. It requires an understanding of everything from the developers working on the application to the production infrastructure settings. Attackers don’t look for security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in isolation and neither should your security experts.

The Challenges with Today’s Security Champion Programs

Security Champion programs are often run in a haphazard manner. Individuals developers with security experience may not be properly identified or trained, resulting in:

  • Missed security risks
  • Vulnerability identification too late in the SDLC, resulting in re-work and delayed delivery
  • Wasted opportunities for Security coaching and mentoring within Engineering teams

The Bottom Line:

Security Champion programs are an essential part of “Shift Left” security. Properly identifying and enabling Security experts in your Development teams will measurably improve the performance of your AppSec program.

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Hand raising Automatically

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