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Code Governance Engine

Imagine If…

Achieve automatic and continuous code governance and compliance assurance.

With Apiiro, you can…

Leverage a code governance rules engine that performs automatic and continuous security and compliance assurance for every application early in the SDLC across:

  • Sensitive data
  • Authentication and authorization controls
  • Encryption
  • Input validation
  • Secrets in code
  • Cloud misconfigurations
  • Internet-facing APIs
  • User-facing applications
  • Developer security expertise

Apiiro contextually triggers compliance reviews when material changes are made to your applications and Infra-as-Code.

The Challenges with Today’s Code Governance

Security and compliance assurance processes are manual and broken. They do not effectively alert on changes that could indicate security risks and impact compliance status. Finding PII, PHI, payment information and other sensitive data is a difficult and error-prone process. Current compliance processes:

  • Miss compliance violations that are caught late in the SDLC or at audit-time
  • Lead to uncoordinated scrambles to address compliance issues
  • Waste time by relying on manual triggers and tasks that can be automated

The Bottom Line:

Take your security and compliance assurance to the next level with Apiiro’s Code Governance engine.

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Manual questionnaires Automatically
Accuracy Based on self-attestation Code-based

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