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Developer Security Training

Imagine If…

Security training for developers was tailored to every individual  in order to provide exactly the right training at exactly the right moment! Consider the following scenarios. A developer:

  • Commits code in a new language for the first time
  • Uses an unfamiliar authorization or authentication framework
  • Leverages Infrastructure-as-Code for the first time

These are situations where highly-focused security training at the right moment will be welcomed by developers in order to do their job better and faster.

With Apiiro, you can…

Contextually trigger relevant developer security training for each person at exactly the right time:

  • Includes a deep understanding of individual developer’s experience so we can suggest targeted training
  • Points developers to Security Champions and other developers who have experience in a relevant area
  • Identifies when a developer uses an unfamiliar security framework, and refers them to both relevant training and the developers most experienced in those frameworks

Apiiro will do this directly in your existing tools, such as a comment on the pull request.

The Challenges with Today’s Security Training of Developers

Security training for developers has always been a burden. Email reminders for required training go unread or pushed to the very bottom of priority lists. Engineers put it off until the last minute when executives push down mandates – and track compliance.

What we don’t do often enough is stop to ask ourselves why. Training is an essential part of working with technology. New languages, approaches, and frameworks are introduced all the time and the right training can help developers work faster and deliver better code.

Each developer has their own experience, strengths, and weaknesses. Unfocused, broad-brush security training that treats every developer the same:

  • Wastes developers’ time and leads to frustration with “yet another thing to do”.
  • Leads to a lack of relevant learning

The Bottom Line:

It’s time to finally provide your developers with security training that will actually help them do their work! Apiiro learns your developers’ expertise directly from their code commits and contextually triggers training that will be immediately useful.

Without Apiiro With Apiiro
Timing Periodically Continuously
Based on Manual inputs Data analysis
How Triggered manually Triggered automatically
Focus Level Unfocused Highly-focused

Take Action

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