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By running deep risk assessment, tying risks to code owners & triggering contextual workflows

Without Apiiro

The movement to agile, CI/CD, and cloud-native applications has accelerated software delivery but led to an exponential increase in complexity, resulting in a significant rise in alerts.

Legacy AppSec tools, from SAST to SCA, cannot effectively identify and remediate risks in cloud-native applications because it's not a single misconfiguration, vulnerability, or code change that creates a critical risk - it’s a combination of multiple factors.

With Apiiro

Apiiro helps security and development teams proactively remediate critical risks in cloud-native applications - before releasing to the cloud at the design, commit, PR, or CI/CD using context from cloud to code.

Apiiro Benefits

  • Contextually remediate critical risks at the design, pull request and CI/CD
  • Automatically prioritize and fix alerts across all AppSec tools & processes
  • Build a risk-based change management process by identifying material changes