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Risk Assessment & Change Management

Without Apiiro

Risk Assessments are tedious manual processes that rely on detailed manual questionnaires that are often inaccurate as soon as they are completed. At the same time, prioritizing findings across AppSec processes & tools is difficult - especially when combined with constant changes to your applications & Infra-as-Code. An effective understanding of risk requires visibility into the entire attack surface, app & infra components, business impact, and more.

With Apiiro

Security architects don’t have time to review every change and manually investigate and prioritize every SAST and SCA scan result. Make the most of their expertise by analyzing context across developers, code, and cloud to identify material changes to your apps and infrastructure. Get a complete understanding of your risk - all in a single place.

Apiiro Benefits

  • Prioritize & investigate risks across all AppSec tools & processes, including SAST and SCA scan results
  • Build a risk-based change management process
  • Contextually assign AppSec tasks to the relevant people
  • Improve pen-tests with context from your cloud API Gateway

Bottom Line

Connect Apiiro today to prioritize and manage risks across the development process, from design to production.