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DevSecOps Orchestration

Without Apiiro

AppSec and cloud security tools and SSDLC processes generate a lot of noise without context. This makes AppSec engineers' work unmanageable, leads to software released with critical risks, and slows down delivery.

With Apiiro

Apiiro ingests data from all AppSec and cloud security tools and processes and enriches them with context from the Apiiro Risk Graph. Apiiro then automatically triggers the right SSDLC processes at the right time to help you deliver faster and more securely. Now you can finally accelerate risk remediation and measure your application and cloud security programs.

Apiiro Benefits

  • Trigger a threat model on a design change or a new feature request that introduces significant risk
  • Trigger a security/compliance review or pen-test on material code changes
  • Trigger a security code review and assign a security champion to a PR that introduces a material code change
  • Run a fuzzer when developing a sensitive internet-facing API