Accelerate delivery by remediating product risk with every change
/ Industry-first Code Risk Platform™ to
automate visibility, compliance assurance
& risk remediation, across applications &
infrastructure, before production.
/ One Platform
Know Your Assets
Gain real-time visibility into all products and code components, controls, data, developers & business impact, on-prem & cloud. Enable:
  • Contextual security & compliance reviews
  • Lightweight threat models
  • Risk-based penetration testing
  • Continuous audit reports
  • Data-driven security champion program
Assess Product Risk
Immediately assure compliance, privacy and security for every commit, eliminating manual questionnaires and long security reviews. Gain:
  • Secure by DesignCWE
  • Risk & business impact trends viewCIOCISO
Automate Remediation
Reduce product risk before CI/CD by focusing on risky material changes and triggering remediation workflows. Allowing you to:
  • Prioritize changes for sec reviewsAvatarSecurity Architect
  • Narrow pen-testing scopeAvatarPenetration Tester
  • Reduce noise of SAST toolsAvatarDevSecOps
  • Remediate only material changesAvatarDevelopers
  • Identify cloud misconfigurationAvatarCloud Engineer
  • Assure regulatory complianceAvatarLegal & Data Security

/ Behavioral AI Engine

Risk is a never ending journey

apiiro continuously learns the evolution of code & developers behavior™, to automatically remediate risky material changes, before production.How it works

/ Customers Say

Remediating Risk at Scale

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