Complete risk visibility with every change, from design to code to cloud
/ Industry-first Code Risk Platform™
A 360° view of security & compliance risks
across applications, infrastructure,
developers’ knowledge & business impact.
/ One Platform
Complete Risk Visibility
Data-driven decisions are better decisions. Understand your security & compliance risks with a real-time inventory of apps & infra code behavior, devs knowledge, 3rd-party security alerts & business impact. From design to code to cloud.
  • How many applications do I have?
  • Where my applications deployed?
  • Who owns this code? what's their security experience?
Focus on Risks that Matter
Security architects don’t have time to review every change & investigate every alert. Make the most of their expertise by analyzing context across developers, code & cloud to identify risky material changes & automatically build an actionable workplan.
  • Prioritize apps by security, compliance & business risks
  • Make risk-based remediation decisions
  • Measure your app & cloud security programs efficiency
Automated Governance & Risk Remediation
No one likes manual risk questionnaires, security & compliance reviews - they’re tedious, inaccurate & not synced with the code. When the code is the design, we must do better - trigger contextual & automatic workflows.
  • Prioritize changes for sec reviewsAvatarSecurity Architect
  • Narrow pen-testing scopeAvatarPenetration Tester
  • Reduce noise of SAST toolsAvatarDevSecOps
  • Remediate risky material changesAvatarDevelopers
  • Identify cloud misconfigurationAvatarCloud Engineer
  • Assure regulatory complianceAvatarLegal & Data Security

/ Behavioral AI Engine

Risk is a never ending journey

Whether you have mature application & cloud security programs or not, Apiiro will continuously help you manage all risks from design to code to cloud in one place.How it works

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Remediating Risk at Scale

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