Reinventing Secure Development Lifecycle

We are pioneers. We invented the industry-first Code Risk Platform™. A 360° view of security and compliance risks, from design to production, across applications, infrastructure, developers’ knowledge, and business impact.

The Founders

  • Idan Plotnik, CEO

    Idan is a serial entrepreneur and product strategist, bringing to Apiiro nearly 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. Previously, Idan was Director of Engineering at Microsoft following the acquisition of Aorato where he served as the founder and CEO.
  • Yonatan Eldar, VP R&D

    Yonatan is an expert in software development and methodologies, who brings to Apiiro more than 16 years of experience leading software teams across industries and technologies. Previously, Yonatan was Architect & Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

The Story

Reinventing Secure Development Lifecycle

As the owner of product risk for large engineering groups at Microsoft, Idan was responsible for prioritizing, remediating and communicating risk to upper management. He had a daily challenge in doing so because the existing security and compliance tools and processes are mostly manual and periodic, with a 'developers-last' approach. Yonatan, who led engineering teams at Microsoft, experienced holdbacks and slowdowns in product delivery, in order to integrate

controls and satisfy risk management demands. Idan and Yonatan realized that existing processes around secure SDLC, while well-established for waterfall methodology, don’t work with agile. Especially when developing applications and infrastructure across on-premises and multicloud. Together, they founded Apiiro to reinvent secure development lifecycle for modern, agile development teams and bridging the gap between CISOs & CIOs.

Since starting one year ago, Apiiro's platform is being used by some of the largest enterprises in the world to analyze the behavior of millions of developers, security architects and champions across 100K+ code repositories. Apiiro is more than just a platform but a complete reinvention of the secure development lifecycle.

Investors & Advisors

  • Ted is a General Partner at Kleiner Perkins. He is a leading investor in cybersecurity and enterprise technology. The founding CEO of Fortify Software, Ted has led Kleiner Perkins in many successful investments including AlienVault, ArcSight, CarbonBlack, Chegg, ISS, LifeLock, Mandiant, Phantom Security, Oakley Networks and Shape Security.

    Ted Schlein


  • Saam is a General Partner at Greylock, who led investments in and sits on the board of security companies like Abnormal Security, application companies like Cresta and Utmost; data & analytics companies like Snorkel, and infrastructure companies that are also still operating in stealth. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University,

    Saam Motamedi


  • Rakesh is a cybersecurity entrepreneur and president of Transmit Security. Previously, Co-Founder and President of Trusteer. Co-founder of OneSecure (acquired by NetScreen Technologies - JNPR) and VP Sales at NetScreen Technologies.

    Rakesh K. Loonkar


  • Asheem is a General Partner at Greylock since 2003. He has been an investor and board director with over 20 technology companies, including Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), AppDynamics (acquired by Cisco for $3.85B), Sumo Logic (Nasdaq: SUMO) and others.

    Asheem Chandna


  • Charles is Operating Partner and CISO in Residence at Team8. with a distinguished career working on Information Security for over 30 years, 25 years in Financial Services, including being the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, and most recently the Global Head of Information Security at Citi.

    Charles Blauner


  • Samir is the CISO of Imperva, a transformational leader with over 20 years of development, risk and IT security program leadership. Samir was the Global Head of Application Security programs at Citi impacting over 50,000 technology staff globally including fraud, IT risk and security architecture solutions.

    Samir Sherif


  • David is the former CISO at NAB, RBC and JP Morgana. He is a highly experienced professional in the Security & Financial Crime disciplines covering Cyber Security, Fraud and Financial Crime, Intelligence, Business Continuity, Physical Security and Operational Risk

    David Fairman


  • Eldan is the CTO of Transmit Security, with over 20 years of experience in software development. Eldan focuses on advanced software engineering, development methodologies, and development of software infrastructure.

    Eldan Ben-Haim

    Technical Advisor

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