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Application Inventory & Asset Discovery

Without Apiiro

Building an AppSec program starts with visibility! Without a clear view of applications, Infra-as-Code, and the security expertise of their developers, organizations lack an effective understanding of their risk. Starting with SAST and SCA gives you an unfocused laundry list of alerts that are not tied to your risk, leading to wasted effort remediating the wrong things.

With Apiiro

Visibility is the first step to making smarter, more informed decisions! Understand your security and compliance risks with a real-time inventory of application and infrastructure code behavior, developer knowledge, 3rd-party security alerts, sensitive data, and business impact. From design to code to cloud.

Apiiro Benefits

  • Build an AppSec program based on risk and business impact - with visibility as the foundation
  • See how many applications you have, where they are deployed, and understand their risk & business impact
  • Identify all application components (e.g., APIs, databases, IaC components, security controls, sensitive data) and their attack surface
  • Understand your developers' skills and identify Security Champions
  • Identity secrets in code & Infrastructure as Code cloud misconfigurations

Bottom Line

Connect Apiiro today to get a 360° risk view across on-prem & cloud-native applications, infrastructure, developers’ knowledge, and business impact.