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Every API, service, dependency & sensitive data to map the application attack surface (SBOM)

Without Apiiro

If you don’t know what you have, you cannot protect it! The process of building and maintaining an application inventory and visualizing an application architecture is manual and time-consuming. Without visibility into application code, open-source dependencies, developers’ knowledge, cloud infrastructure, and team activities and ownership, organizations lack an effective understanding of their critical risks.

With Apiiro

Visibility is the first step to making smarter, more informed, data-driven decisions! Apiiro provides risk-based visibility across the entire SDLC and CI/CD with a real-time inventory that enables you to leverage context from cloud to code in order to proactively remediate critical risks.

Apiiro Benefits

  • Build an AppSec program based on risk and business impact - with visibility as the foundation
  • Stop wasting time trying to identify the root cause, code owners and security champions