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October 13 2020 | 2 min read

Introducing Apiiro: Reinventing the secure development lifecycle

Company News | October 13 2020 | 2 min read

After almost two decades in the cybersecurity industry with two acquisitions under our belts, I feel that this is a unique and exciting time for me and for the entire apiiro team.

Today we are coming out of stealth to disrupt the DevSecOps market with $35M backed by the top-tier VCs Greylock Partners and Kleiner Perkins.

We are honored to partner with Ted Schlein, Saam Motamedi, Asheem Chandna, Rakesh Loonkar and Mickey Boodaei, investors in Palo Alto Networks (PANW:NYSE), Fortify (HP acquired), AlienVault (AT&T acquired), ArcSight (HP acquired), Carbon Black (CBLK:NASDAQ), AppDynamics (Cisco acquired), Mandiant (FireEye acquired), Phantom (Splunk acquired), Amazon and Google.

It’s all about the change! The idea behind Apiiro started from a technical and business pain. The pain we felt while moving from the waterfall development methodology to agile at Microsoft.

We assessed product risk at the design on each application and infrastructure change. This was done using manual and periodic security, and compliance processes with a ‘developers-last’ approach. The developers-last approach was exasperating to developers and security alike. On the business side, the process slowed us down from scaling the business.

We decided that it’s time to make a change

We moved forward to solve this board-level challenge for CISOs and CIOs. We wanted to build a solution that allows them to accelerate delivery and go-to-market by bridging the gap between development, security and compliance teams.

One of the more important insights that we learned while moving from waterfall to agile was the code is the design. This is why we are reinventing Secure Development Lifecycle and shifting from a manual and periodic ‘developers-last’ to an automatic risk-based ‘developers-first’ approach. Here, the developers receive real-time insights into any security or risky issue at the commit level. There is no delay and security is part of the design and development.

We built the industry-first Code Risk Platform™ that allows product security architects, security champions and developers to automate visibility, compliance assurance and risk remediation with every change across applications and infrastructure – before production.

I’m grateful to have the best co-founder ever! Yonatan Eldar and I feel lucky to work with an amazing team that has a customer-obsession mindset and is pushing hard to win.

I’m also fortunate to have top-notch advisors like Charles Blauner, former Global CISO at Citi Group, Samir Sherif, CISO at Imperva and David Frieman, Former CISO at NAB and RBC.

I’m looking forward to reinventing Secure Development Lifecycle together! Developers, product security architects and champions, cloud architects, penetration testers and risk management practitioners – we are in this together. Join the LinkedIn group and let’s have a discussion.



Idan Plotnik