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October 20 2023 | 2 min read

Unwavering empathy, resilience, and reliability during wartime challenges

Company News | October 20 2023 | 2 min read

For nearly two weeks, the uncertainty, disruption, and grief facing our world and our tech and cybersecurity communities has been inescapable and unfathomable.

As an Israeli-founded company, we have been especially confronted with these challenges and are committed to proactively prioritizing our team’s physical safety and emotional health during this difficult time.

As an application security company, we know how crucial our unwavering commitment to stability and reliability is to our customers who depend on us to keep their applications and software supply chains secure.

To uphold those commitments, I am sharing this brief open letter detailing how we are supporting our people, customers, and partners while remaining steadfast in our mission to secure organizations’ development and delivery to the cloud in the face of adversity.

Supporting our customers and partners

Apiiro’s commitment to its customers and partners remains unwavering. In the face of adversity, we are doubling down on customer support and adapting our R&D processes, ensuring that:

  1. Customer inquiries and concerns are addressed promptly, effectively, and transparently and we adhere to SLAs.
  2. Our platform remains accessible, reliable, and performant in the face of potential localized disruptions. To support this, we have implemented geographically dispersed cloud infrastructure and upped testing of disaster recovery plans.
  3. Development and release cadences remain on track for customer commitments, required updates, and platform improvements.

This dedication to customers has been a cornerstone of Apiiro’s business continuity strategy and will continue to be in even the most uncertain of times.

Prioritizing our global team

To support our customers and our community, we need to support our people. The well-being of our team in Israel and across the globe is, first and foremost, our top priority. With empathetic and transparent communication, we have been committed to:

  1. Keeping employees informed about the evolving and nuanced situation and company developments.
  2. Offering support services and resources—such as mental health support, family care, community outreach, and manager support training—to help our team cope with the current stress of wartime conditions.
  3. Establishing clear remote work policies, infrastructure, and security measures across the globe to support our business continuity while maintaining personal safety.

Bolstering security and compliance

Our cybersecurity measures are bolstered with rigorous security testing, reviews, and training—especially during this time of crisis and specifically for the criticality of the service that Apiiro provides. By staying compliant with industry regulations (Apiiro is SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified), international standards, and continuous testing, Apiiro is not only mitigating legal risks but also bolstering trust among our customers and partners.


Apiiro’s ability to maintain business continuity during wartime conditions demonstrates our commitment to excellence and resilience for our customers, partners, and global workforce. As the future unfolds and circumstances continue to evolve, Apiiro remains steadfast in its commitment to adapt, innovate, and ensure the continued success of its customers and partners in an ever-changing landscape.

Last but not least, I want to thank again our team across the globe, customers, partners, and top-tier investors Greylock, Kleiner Perkins, and General Catalyst for their support and solidarity in these uncertain times.

Idan Plotnik