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Context-based Risk Graph

One solution to proactively fix critical risks in cloud-native applications across the software supply chain, before releasing to the cloud

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How Apiiro Secures Your Software Supply Chain


Connects via read-only API

Control Plane
AI & NLP for code, IaC, dependencies, artifacts, CI/CD, k8s and configurations
Ingest alerts from all AppSec tools


Performs continuous risk assessment

  • Discover every API, service, sensitive data & artifact (SBOM)
  • Secrets, IaC misconfigurations, architecture drifts, API & OSS vulnerabilities
  • Software supply chain attacks

Identifies critical risks using a context-based risk graph


Automatically prioritize. Proactively remediate

Shift left with remediation context at the PR & Guardrails for CI/CD

Why Apiiro


Break down barriers between security and developers in order to reduce critical risks faster.

With Apiiro, I can finally turn Security into a business enabler!


Release secure code faster with risk-based context and automation.

With Apiiro, I can finally implement a true “shift left” approach!

AppSec Leader

Get the visibility and context you need to effectively and contextually prioritize noisy alerts and make smarter, risk-based decisions.

With Apiiro, I can finally focus on the risks that matter!


Get the context you need when you need it to remediate critical risks and stay focused on delivering customer value.

With Apiiro, Security can finally help me deliver faster!