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Build a risk-based Application Security program

From Design to Code to Cloud

Our Solutions

How It Works


Connect Apiiro in minutes

To all source control & ticketing systems (on-prem and cloud)
Optional: SAST, SCA, CI/CD, API Gateways, DAST, WAAP, IDPs


Gain complete visibility

With a real-time application inventory


Understand your security & privacy posture

For each application & manage only the risks that matter


Automate risk remediation based on business impact

Across all your SSDLC processes and AppSec tools


Measure your AppSec program

With business risk KPIs and real-time statistics

Why Apiiro


Break down barriers between security and development in order to build a mature and measurable Application Security & Risk program.

With Apiiro, I can finally turn Security into a business enabler!


Release secure code faster with risk-based decision-making and automation.

With Apiiro, I can finally implement a true “shift left” approach!

AppSec Leader

Get the visibility and context you need to effectively and contextually prioritize your risk and make smarter, risk-based decisions.

With Apiiro, I can finally focus on the risks that matter!


Get the security information you need when you need it so you can minimize re-work and stay focused on delivering customer value.

With Apiiro, Security can finally help me deliver faster!

Material Changes

Apiiro is pioneering the concept of “material changes” in order to focus organizations on the risks that matter.

A change is "material" if it has the potential to introduce significant risk into an application. It requires a deep understanding of multidimensional context to identify.