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GSoft Case Study

GSoft lacked visibility across all repositories, making it challenging to properly classify, recognize, and focus on the most critical risks. In addition, without automation, their two-person team could not continuously monitor changes made by 130+ developers to fix issues that were most important to the business and their customers.


  • Apiiro indexes all of the application components so that even their small AppSec team can quickly identify and prioritize high-risk vs. low-risk issues.
  • Compared to other application security testing tools, the Apiiro platform analyzes every pull request in seconds to significantly decrease the time to remediate.
  • Apiiro’s SCA functionality activates as soon as it is connected to the source control manager and immediately surfaces all of the open-source elements without a need for extensive and time-consuming integrations.


  • Apiiro saves GSoft many hours of AppSec work daily on integrations between security tools and applications, leading to significant cost savings and improved efficiencies.
  • Apiiro also saves 30 minutes per day for every active developer, which amounts to 65 hours per day across the whole team, giving it an additional capacity of eight developers.
  • The saved development and application security time is now applied to delivering more customer value and increased time-to-market velocity for important product features.
Montreal-based software company, GSoft, leverages Apiiro to index all application components to prioritize high-impact risks and significantly decrease remediation response times.

“We didn’t know we needed Apiiro until it showed us all the information that existed that we had no idea was out there and that our team was responsible for.”

–Edouard Shaar, Application Security Specialist, GSoft