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On-demand webinar

Application Security Posture Management: Leveling the AppSec Playing Field

Modern applications are more complex, interconnected, and distributed than ever—and they’re changing at breakneck speed. To keep up, AppSec teams rely on disparate tools (SAST, SCA, DAST, container, IaC security, etc.) and processes (security questionnaires, pen tests, threat models, etc.) that are incredibly time-consuming, noisy, and still leave gaps.  

Application security posture management (ASPM) promises to level the playing field—transforming never-ending alert backlogs, manual processes, and long security feedback cycles into prioritized, automated, and proactive AppSec programs. With its risk-based approach, ASPM empowers under-resourced AppSec teams to focus only on the risks that matter and prevent critical risks from being deployed—without overburdening developers.

In this session, we’ll share observations from the forefront of the ASPM movement, with data and anecdotes from early ASPM adopters. You’ll learn about the evolution and emergence of ASPM, its core components and silo-breaking benefits, and how to operationalize it for your own organization.

This webinar originally aired as a sponsored webinar on Security Boulevard by TechStrong.

RSAC Innovation Sandbox WINNER 2021

Learn about Apiiro’s deep ASPM platform

Apiiro unifies application risk assessment, visibility, prioritization, and remediation with deep code analysis and runtime context. Meet with our team of experts to learn about our:

  • Application and software supply chain inventory and SBOM
  • Material change detection and developer behavior analysis
  • Alert prioritization based on code-to-runtime context
  • Automated remediation workflows and developer guardrails
  • Single risk control plane for assessment and reporting
  • Native AppSec and SSCS solutions