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Rakuten Rewards Case Study


  • Understanding application risk as early as product design through software development and production systems.
  • As a security and risk team, it is difficult to ensure effective security across thousands of projects and repositories. People cannot effectively understand risk posture at scale without automation.


  • Apiiro helps with collecting, organizing, and continuously tracking all data that is risk-related and can be tied to code.
  • Apiiro creates a risk-based inventory that is continuously updated so the security team can understand their application security posture at any point, in real-time.
  • Apiiro not only prioritizes the right risks, but provides a top-down view so Rakuten Rewards can understand their overall application risk and drill-down to the details, as needed.
  • Apiiro first sheds light on technology with its inventory and then uses context to help make risk-based security decisions


  • Apiiro workflows save hundreds of hours every month by automating previously-manual tasks such as prioritizing alerts, investigating risks, and
    remediating vulnerabilities.
  • Apiiro enables Rakuten Rewards to leverage context to make risk-based application security decisions, improve its risk posture and Shift Left.
  • Improves efficiency by continuously correlating and orchestrating code and infrastructure security alerts in one platform.
Rakuten Rewards was founded in in 1998 as eBates and was acquired by Japanese online retailing company Rakuten in 2014. The company provides cash-back and shopping rewards. It has 12 million members who have earned over $1 billion in Cash Back at their favorite stores

“With Apiiro, our security team is saving hundreds of hours every month”

-Cloud Security Architect at Rakuten Rewards