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June 30 2022 | 1 min read

Apiiro extends right! From code to runtime

Executive, Product, Technical | June 30 2022 | 1 min read

Cloud has transformed the way development teams design, develop, build and deploy applications. Developers are moving fast and the number of changes and releases is increasing exponentially, as are the risks.

In the era of cloud-native application development, the remediation lifecycle is getting longer and more complex because risks are distributed across design, code, open source, Infrastructure-as-Code, APIs, Source Code and CI/CD servers, as well as cloud infrastructure.

Apiiro offers one single Cloud-Native Application Security solution that assesses and remediates application risks from code to runtime. Apiiro can now connect application risks in runtime back to the source code to proactively fix critical risks and reduce the remediation time by 90%.

Fixing critical risks such as design flaws, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and architecture drifts early in the SDLC is essential for business growth. Yet developers are not able to fix them because they don’t have the necessary context and are constantly bombarded with noisy alerts and false positives from an overload of siloed AppSec tools and processes across the Software Supply Chain.

The Technology

Apiiro’s patent pending technology is able to connect any type of cloud-native application risk to a container image that is running in GCP, Azure, and AWS via a simple API, and provide developer-first contextual remediation workflows.

The Log4Shell vulnerability has dramatically changed the CNAPP market. Customers with legacy SCA solutions have invested months of manual labor to prioritize code repositories with the highest risks to the business, map code to runtime, and identify code owners who can fix the risks.

The Apiiro solution uses next-generation static code, binary, and text analysis to discover, map, and visualize all application components (e.g. APIs, Microservices, Open Source Dependencies and Sensitive Data). Apiiro performs a deep risk assessment by connecting to Source Control Managers and CI/CD pipelines as well as ingesting alerts from legacy AppSec tools and context from ticketing systems and cloud infrastructure.

Apiiro automatically creates a contextual Risk Graph across code, developer knowledge, alerts from AppSec tools, and cloud infrastructure that customers can query and export a comprehensive Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM).

Using the Apiiro Risk Graph, security teams and developers can understand the full context and connect the dots between any type of application risk that is running in their cloud environment to the source code in their Git repository and implement guardrails for proactive remediation.

Start Now

Start with a free trial. You can onboard in 5 min by connecting Apiiro to your Source Control Manager and Cloud environment via read-only API.

Idan Plotnik