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Apiiro Launches Partner Program to Help Customers Fix Cloud-Native Application Risks Faster

TEL AVIV and NEW YORK, June 3, 2022Apiiro, the leader in Cloud-Native Application Security, today announced the Apiiro Partner Program, which provides comprehensive support for technology, consulting, and reseller partners across the Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) ecosystem.

In the era of cloud-native application development, the remediation lifecycle is getting longer and more complex because risks are distributed across the design, code, open source packages, infra-as-code, containers, Git and CI/CD servers, and cloud infrastructure.

In addition, the shift in responsibilities and the use of a multitude of tools, each addressing only a small subset of cloud-native application risks has reduced the overall efficacy with noisy alerts and false-positives due to the lack of context. Context from cloud infrastructure to code and Software Bill Of Materials visibility (SBOM) are instrumental for the remediation process across the software supply chain.

Partners like Alacrinet, Defy Security, Google Cloud, HashiCorp, NetSPI, NXGN, Parabellyx, and Trace3 from the cloud-native application security, DevOps, cloud infrastructure security, and other cybersecurity industries are joining the Apiiro Partner Program to work together to help customers remediate cloud-native application risks across the software supply chain. Partners will benefit from the Apiiro Risk Graph technology and enabling resources to speed customer adoption and success with a contextual shift left risk remediation technology.

“Our customers aren’t just modernizing their cloud-native application security – they’re reinventing the way they develop, build, and deploy cloud-native applications across the software supply chain. By uniting in the Apiiro Partner Program, Apiiro and our partners can collectively ensure cloud-native applications are developed and delivered in a secure manner,” said John Leon, VP of Business Development at Apiiro. 

Program benefits include training materials and sales resources, access to technical evaluation demos and documentation to enable go to market and joint promotion opportunities. By enrolling in the Apiiro Partner Program, partners can increase their value to customers by delivering contextual shift left risk remediation before releasing to the cloud.

Apiiro has quickly gained momentum and recognition in the cloud-native application security market:

To learn more about or join the Apiiro Advantage Program, please visit:


Apiiro Partners:


“Securing the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and the development infrastructure is a complex endeavor given the pace of code development and micro-serviced deployment models (Ops). Security teams need to be equipped with context to identify and remediate the risk in code changes, in the deployment of code to the cloud, and throughout the overall software supply chain. Alacrinet focuses on helping clients align with innovative technologies, backed by experienced teams, for the purpose of keeping our clients ahead of the threat curve.”

-Daniel Duhaime, CRO, Alacrinet

Defy Security

“Our just-in-time economy has software teams seeing significant demands to move fast in deploying new products and features to cloud environments that drive new business and reduce costs. Defy Security sees security is sometimes an afterthought with software teams as security teams are scrambling to move at the same pace. We are excited to partner with Apiiro to provide security at the earliest point in an application development process that adds value by securing at the speed of business while providing visibility into potential risks. The benefits to both software and security teams are clear, without adding complexity.”

– Russell Wurth VP, Marketing and Partner Alliances, Defy Security 

Google Cloud

“We’re pleased to have Apiiro available on Google Cloud Marketplace and provide customers the solutions and expertise they need to secure their software supply chain and remediate critical risks in cloud-native applications, while simplifying the cloud software procurement process.”

– Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud


We are excited to partner with Apiiro. Enterprises benefit from secure software supply chains, both at the application and the infrastructure level. We look forward to continued collaboration with Apiiro on helping customers secure their cloud-native applications earlier in the development lifecycle.”

–  Asvin Ramesh, Sr. Director, Alliances, HashiCorp


“We value our relationship with Apiiro. Through our strategic partnership, Apiiro’s customers have access to NetSPI’s full suite of offensive security services – pentesting, attack surface management, and adversary simulation – and our customers can leverage Apiiro to better detect and fix critical risks in cloud-native applications. Together, Apiiro and NetSPI bring risk-based, context-aware application security testing capabilities to mutual customers.”

– Alex Jones, Chief Revenue Officer, NetSPI


“The NXGN Team is proud to be a charter member in the Apiiro Partner Program and to have Apiiro in our Application Security and DevSecOps Program that we have been building and critiquing with customers since 2016. The Apiiro solution is one that will enable our customers, wherever they are in their Application Security lifecycle, to be able to assess and identify risks in their code base. Our engineers got their hands on the tool last year and were very impressed with both what it was able to detect, and, arguably more importantly, how the tool was able to visualize and prioritize the findings for the developers and security champions. Bringing this tool to our customers is going to provide them with a tremendous leg up in this continuous security battle!”  

–  Jimmy Merlo, VP Customer Advisory Services,


“The lack of application security expertise and ability to prioritize the issues has been impeding the adoption of software development security, putting organizations and their customers at risk. Luckily, Apiiro’s solution overcomes the scarcity of cybersecurity expertise among application developers and provides clients complete visibility into the software components and the supporting ecosystem, allows intelligent prioritization of security issues, and simplifies communication of these to developers. It leads to a better and more secure code, higher maturity of the software development process and better communication between security and application teams!”

Alexander Poizner, CEO, Parabellyx


“Our enterprise clients come to Trace3 looking for best of breed and innovative technology to solve complex challenges. A good DevSecOps solution focuses on empowering developers to identify, prioritize, and fix flaws that matter early in development without slowing them down. We find that Apiiro is one of the innovators in this solution space that aligns with this approach very well.”

-Jimmy Xu, Practice Director, DevSecOps, Trace3


About Apiiro
Apiiro helps security and development teams proactively fix risks across the software supply chain – before releasing to the cloud. Backed by Greylock and Kleiner Perkins.

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